Psychedelics and Christianity

We have been taught to fear what we don't understand and that truth can easily be found when you start talking about psychedelics. It's much harder to pause your default reaction to a topic, stop and listen to someone who may offer a different point of view, and possibly expand your understanding of this amazing life we get to live.

Offense is an easy way to find where religion has gotten in the way of your connection to God. Keep that in mind for today's episode and do your best to listen before jumping to conclusions.

Today's Guest:

A former Marine who served in combat operations in Fallujah, Iraq during 2004; Seth now operates in the civilian sector as a serial entrepreneur in the digital marketing space. As a Christian with a drive to become better in all areas of his life and a passion for truth - while reconciling the inconsistencies between religion, science, history, and philosophy - Seth happened upon Psychedelics as a key that began to unlock the connectedness of the aforementioned fields of interest. At the same time, it provided depth in healing, spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness, and more importantly - a deeper love for self and others.

aired - 9/13/2020